Meet Mark Plemmons: A Multifaceted Media Professional

Mark Plemmons is a name that resonates with the media industry in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. With his diverse skill set and passion for sports and journalism, Plemmons has made a significant impact in the local community.

As the editor of the Independent Tribune newspaper, Plemmons plays a crucial role in delivering accurate and timely news to the residents of Cabarrus County. With his keen eye for detail and commitment to journalistic integrity, he ensures that the newspaper remains a trusted source of information.

But Plemmons doesn’t stop there. He is also the owner and operator of Radio Free Cabarrus, an internet broadcasting platform that provides a platform for local voices to be heard. Through this venture, Plemmons has created a space for community members to share their stories, discuss local issues, and promote local events.

In addition to his roles in print and radio, Plemmons is a Couch to 5K coach, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and develop a love for running. His dedication to coaching extends beyond the track, as he motivates and inspires his clients to push past their limits and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

One of Plemmons’ notable achievements is his role as the play-by-play announcer for the Charlotte 49ers women’s basketball team. With his smooth and captivating voice, he brings the excitement of the game to life for fans both in the arena and listening at home. His extensive knowledge of the sport and attention to detail make him a valued member of the broadcasting team.

Mark Plemmons is a true embodiment of a multifaceted media professional. His contributions to the Independent Tribune, Radio Free Cabarrus, and the Charlotte 49ers women’s basketball team have left a lasting impact on the local community. Whether he is reporting the news, hosting a radio show, coaching aspiring runners, or calling a basketball game, Plemmons brings his passion and expertise to everything he does.

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