Meet Mark Plemmons: A Multifaceted Media Professional

Mark Plemmons is a name that resonates with the media industry in Cabarrus County and beyond. As the editor of the Independent Tribune newspaper, owner/operator of Radio Free Cabarrus and 485 Sports, a Couch to 5K coach, and a sports play-by-play announcer, Plemmons wears many hats.

One of Plemmons’ notable roles is his position as the voice of the Charlotte 49ers women’s basketball team. With his distinctive voice and deep knowledge of the game, he brings the excitement of each match to life for fans.

Aside from his work in sports broadcasting, Plemmons is also deeply involved in the local community. As a Couch to 5K coach, he helps individuals of all fitness levels achieve their running goals. His passion for running and commitment to helping others is evident in the way he motivates and encourages his trainees.

As the editor of the Independent Tribune newspaper, Plemmons plays a crucial role in keeping the local community informed. With his keen eye for news and dedication to unbiased reporting, he ensures that readers receive accurate and up-to-date information. His commitment to journalistic integrity is a testament to his professionalism.

In addition to his newspaper work, Plemmons is the owner/operator of Radio Free Cabarrus and 485 Sports. Through these platforms, he provides a space for local voices to be heard and local events to be covered. Whether it’s interviewing community leaders, discussing local news, or broadcasting live sports events, Plemmons is dedicated to showcasing the vibrant community he serves.

Mark Plemmons’ multifaceted career in the media industry is a testament to his passion for storytelling and community engagement. Whether he’s behind the microphone, coaching aspiring runners, or reporting on the latest news, Plemmons’ dedication and expertise shine through. His contributions to the media landscape in Cabarrus County and beyond are invaluable, and his commitment to his craft is an inspiration to aspiring journalists and broadcasters.

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