Get to Know Mark Plemmons: A Multifaceted Media Personality

Mark Plemmons is a name that resonates in the world of media and sports. With a diverse range of talents and experiences, Plemmons has made his mark as an editor, broadcaster, coach, and announcer.

As the editor of the Independent Tribune newspaper, Plemmons has played a crucial role in delivering local news and stories to the community. With his keen eye for detail and dedication to journalism, he ensures that the newspaper provides accurate and engaging content to its readers.

But Plemmons’ involvement in media goes beyond print. He is also the owner and operator of Radio Free Cabarrus, an internet broadcasting platform that covers a wide range of topics, including local news, sports, and entertainment. Through this platform, Plemmons has created a space for the community to come together and stay informed.

In addition to his work in broadcasting, Plemmons is also a Couch to 5K coach. This program is designed to help individuals gradually build up their running abilities and eventually complete a 5K race. Plemmons’ passion for fitness and his desire to help others achieve their goals shine through in his coaching, making him a valuable resource for those looking to improve their health and wellness.

But perhaps one of Plemmons’ most notable roles is that of a sports play-by-play announcer. As the voice of the Charlotte 49ers women’s basketball team, he brings the excitement of the game to fans near and far. With his in-depth knowledge of the sport and his ability to paint a vivid picture with his words, Plemmons has become a beloved figure in the world of sports broadcasting.

Mark Plemmons is a true testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions. Through his work as an editor, broadcaster, coach, and announcer, he has made a lasting impact on the community and the world of media. Whether he is delivering the news, coaching aspiring runners, or calling a game-winning play, Plemmons’ dedication and talent shine through.

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