Meet Mark Plemmons: A Multifaceted Media Professional

Mark Plemmons is a prominent figure in the media industry, known for his diverse skill set and passion for sports. As the editor of the Independent Tribune newspaper, owner/operator of Radio Free Cabarrus and 485 Sports, a Couch to 5K coach, and a sports play-by-play announcer, Plemmons has established himself as a versatile and accomplished professional.

One of Plemmons’ notable roles is his position as the voice of the Charlotte 49ers women’s basketball team. His captivating play-by-play commentary brings the games to life for fans, creating an immersive experience that keeps listeners engaged.

In addition to his work in broadcasting, Plemmons is also a dedicated Couch to 5K coach. This program is designed to help individuals gradually build their running endurance and ultimately complete a 5K race. Plemmons’ expertise and guidance have motivated many aspiring runners to achieve their fitness goals.

As the editor of the Independent Tribune newspaper, Plemmons plays a crucial role in delivering news and information to the local community. His editorial skills and journalistic integrity ensure that the newspaper provides accurate and relevant content to its readers.

Plemmons’ commitment to the media industry extends beyond traditional platforms. Through his ownership and operation of Radio Free Cabarrus and 485 Sports, he has embraced the digital landscape, utilizing internet broadcasting to reach a wider audience. These platforms allow Plemmons to cover a diverse range of topics and provide a platform for local voices to be heard.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Mark Plemmons has made a significant impact in the media industry. His multifaceted career highlights his passion for sports, dedication to community engagement, and commitment to delivering quality content.

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